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My magical pony – Summer shadows

Khushi.N’s review of: My magical pony – Summer shadows
Author: Jenny Oldfield
Genre: Fiction

Blurb: Krista loves all ponies, but there’s something special about shining star. He’s a magical pony – he can fly!

Drifter, a pony at the stable has been sold. On a sunny summer day, Krista bids him a sad goodbye. But then she hears he’s being neglected. She and shining star must rescue him, whatever it takes…

Its time for Krista and shining star to save the day!

( I have not finished the book yet so i am going to put the date i put the date i wrote this review and by the way i have nearly finished this book!)

tell me about ORCS

hi it’s me, Mohammed I want to know how your up to and what your this                                             name-Mohammed                                                                                                                                                                                            age-9                                                                                                                                                                                                                        what are you doing-i’m doing blog star                                                                                                                                                how many friends do you have-15                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 that’s all you have to do                                                                                                                                                                                                           bye!


in topic we have learned about oil spills and we learned about how to clean up oils spills here is some info about what we did in topic oil spills 1.we talked about what is oil spill and  Danny said it is more rare than gold  and it  makes more money than gold 2. how do you get it? i will tell you so listen up people get a pipe and suck the oil from the deep deep in the sea 3. why are we learning about oil spills? let me tell you a little something on why we are learning about oil spills. so in Francisco there was a explosive for a pipe which meant that the hole sea is covered in oil so now we have to find a way to clean it up  so that is what we are doing in topic. bye

How to make a marmite sandwich!!!!!!!!

Marmite do you love it or hate it if you hate it then this might change your mind.


you will need:

  • Butter
  • marmite
  • chopping board
  • knife
  • papper towels
  • 2 pieces of bread

Firstly place your pieces of bread on your chopping board. Next open your marmite then get your knife and scoop up some marmite and gently scrape it onto your pieces of bread. After that open your butter and scrape it onto your bread . Now place your pieces of bread on top of each other. Finally softly cut your pieces of bread diagonally .



How to make a Marmite Sandwich

Our bloggers are going to be brave and present their cooking show slot in the style of celebrities!



How To Make A Marmite Sandwich!

How To Make A Marmite Sandwich

Marmite, do you love it or hate it? Today in this cooking segment we will make a Marmite sandwich! So sit back, So you can get up and go to the shops!


You will need:


  • Marmite
  • Butter
  • Chopping Board
  • A Knife (But not too sharp!)
  • 2 Slices Of Bread (White, Brown or Seeded)
  • A Space To Fit All Your Ingredients

What to do:

1. Lay your chopping board on your workspace or where you want.

2. Place your 2 Slices Of  Bread on your chopping board.

3. Get your butter and spread some on only 1 peice of bread, After clean the knife

4. After that, Get your Marmite and spread on the other slice of bread!

5. Then Genlty, Place the 2 slices together. 


Then  Eat!

Instructions on how to make a Marmite sandwich

how to make a Marmite sandwich  


Are you a fan of marmite if not this sandwich will show you what you’ve been missing if you love it your in for a treat

you will need

  • Marmite
  • A knife (not too sharp
  • A work space
  • Bread (any type)
  • a chopping board

How to make it

1 .Lay your chopping board down on your work space

2. Gently open the bread packet and take two pieces of bread and place it down softly on your chopping board

3. Take your marmite and open it

4.Now scoop out some of it and spread it on one piece of bread

5.After that place you’re marmite down

6.Finally as soft as a feather place the bread together spreaded side up


how to make a mouth watering marmite sandwich

Do you love marmite sandwich’s if not i believe my mouth watering sandwich will change your mind completely.

you will need 2 slices of bread, a jar of marmite, a tub of butter, a knife (not too sharp) and a chopping board.

first you will need to place both slices of bread on the chopping board (face up )then you will need to grab  your tub of butter open it and scrape out a little bit of butter with the sharp end of the knife and spread it on one piece of bread.

secondly put down every thing  you have picked up onto a table then pick up the marmite jar twist the lid left to open it and scoop out as much marmite- with the knife -as you want and spread it on both sides of the bread then place the two pieces of bread together on the sides you spread  butter and marmite onto and then eat!!!!


Do you love a marmite sandwich ? If not then follow me on a marmite adventure ,however if you do it will become a main meal.

The secret ingrediants are : Marmite , Butter, a knife no sharper than a sharpened pencil and a chopping board.

Firstly, place 2 slices of bread on the chopping board.

After that , gently open the butter and lay the lid on the table.

Next , pick up the knife and carefully scrape a bit of butter (don’t lick the knife )

Then , sweetly spread the butter on one slice of bread.

Once you have finished clean the knife and place it on the table and gently open a can of marmite.

scoop as much as you like and slowly spread on a slice of bread.

Quietly , place the bred on top of each other(on the side it has butter and marmite)

Then pick up the knife and cut it in half .


How to make a Marmite sandwich

Marmite are you a lover or a hater? if you are a hater then this will make you change your mind! if you are a lover then you are in for a treat! How do you make the perfect sandwich?

You will need:

  • Marmite
  • Butter
  • 2X bread slices
  • Chopping Board
  • Knife

How to:

  • Make sure your knife and chopping board are clean if not wash them.
  • Place your chopping board onto your work surface and make sure there is enough space to put all of your ingredients.
  • Take your 2 pieces of bread and place them onto your chopping board.
  • Open the butter lid and scoop some out. (if you are vegan use sunflower spread.)
  • Spread the butter onto the pieces of bread and shut the lid of the butter
  • Unscrew the lid of the Marmite and scoop out as much as you like
  • Spread your Marmite onto the bread and screw the lid back on
  • Lay the 2 pieces of bread on top of each other
  • Cut the  sandwich in half
  • Now it’s time to eat your sandwich!

Congratulations now you have made (and consumed!) your own Marmite sandwich!

How to make a marmite snadwich

you will need:



2 breads

chopping board

knife (not too sharp)

Make sure your knife and chopping board are clean.

Place your chopping board on your table or work surface, make sure to make some room.

Then place your breads on the chopping board and open your butter.

After that scrape some of the butter of and spread it carefully on the bread and then do the same to the other bread.

Next clean the knife and then open the lid of the marmite. Scrape some of the marmite and spread it gently on the bread and then do the same to the other.

if you want to cut it then get a sharper knife and the n carefully and gently cut the bread.

Then sit down, relax and enjoy.



We have been choosing which game to make and we used the greenscreen to make our backround look like we are

actually in the game the people who will whatch our new videos might think how did they go into that place when they are at school?



My teacher! (Mr o’sullivan)

All the good things about my teacher: understanding  ,kind ,nice ,and super athletic .He makes learning fun . He  is one of my favourite teachers .

For suzie

How do you feel when you was training in the aieroplane

Debate should children work in factories?


Against: I think children shouldn’t work in factories consequential how are they going to get educated therefore they can’t learn hoe to raise a baby so how can they keep on giving children for factories.

For: I understand your opinion alternatively  they are learning about machines as a result  they should be getting educated how to use machines correctly.

Against: I see your point except  You were a child how did you feel working you can stop this and help all us children.

For: This world needs money ,so we need people to work although it might be cruel you would do it wouldn’t you? 


Against: How come you get to see you family? Why cant we unless  you give us time off although you care for your family can you care about us.

For: I can understand you however I see you dont get to see your family but don’t you want money because if you dont get it you will die as a result of starvation.

Against: They barely get to see there family and by the time they get home they won’t see there family.

For: But you need money surely you want money right?



Debate script on children working in factories

Against: I think we should get rid of children working in factories because they would never get there education,this causes children not being able to get an proper job when there not kids and they do not work in factories.

For: I see your point however they can still get education when there older and they do not work in factories.

Against: Another reason is that children hardly ever get to see there family.Therefore they might be hart broken and they  might miss there family a lot.

For: I see your point, alternatively they still get to see there family when they come back from the factories.

Against:I disagree with you because what if they go home  their parents might not be home ,although if they are at home their obviously going to be tired as a result of their hard work  they are going to want to go to sleep and if they are a sleep they cant see their parents if they are a sleep.

For: I do not except your point because they could spend a little bit of time with there family.

Against:My last reason is that children could get really badly injured, consequently they could fall down or hurt them self on the  sharp part of the metal.

Debate Script

against:   My opinion is that children bellow the age of  14 should not be working in factories therefore, there is a high possibility of them losing most of their body parts. Also if this happens who will be responsible?

for: I see your point of view , alternatively we won’t be responsible due to the fact that, they should know how  to take care of them self .

against: I admire your taste, consequently you do know it is against the law to do this unless, you have confirmed to court and as a result you may have to go in jail for 3 and a half years .


against:  Next, as well as hurting them your not giving them education! Are you insane? how can children do such a job without education. I mean you did didn’t you?

For: I get  were your going , however they are learning in the factory how to work except not how you normally would.



Debate script

against:I believe that children shouldn’t work in factories as a result of them loosing body parts in the machinery and dying. Children are our future generations so we should teach them and nurture them not abuse them and let them die in horrible factories.

for:I see what you mean but we could always just get someone to make sure the children don’t get hurt and they will still work in the factories.

against:That makes sense and it would be safer except what about their families they only get to see them on the most rare occasion but even then its only for a couple hours and the rest of the time their either sleeping or reading.

for:I get were your going with this alternatively they would get to see their families every day if they came to work at the factories .

against:you made a good point there but what if there was a baby in one of the families they wouldn’t be able to work would they. They would be left at home and probably hurt them selves witch is even worse than the child abuse in the factories.

for:you have made a good point  however they could put the baby somewhere it cant move or hurt itself in any way.

Debate Script: Children SHOULD work in factories or NOT?



Judge: Today we are here to judge whether Children  Should work in factories or ban children Slavery.

Judge: May the Against raise there first point!

Medical Problems 

Against: I believe that we should’t have child slavery because if this continues they will consequently lose legs and arms. If this happens all the time, Who will replace them?

For: Well, if this happens, we can just use bandages and alternatively plasters.

Against: However, What if you run out?

For: We will get more.

Against: What if they run out?

For: Well, they will just suffer….

Against: You Monsters! You were once a child! How did it feel for you to be in there?

Judge: Next Point!


For: They are learning to work! Making me money so they can learn that.

Against: I see you point although I think we should ban children slavery and make schools free, as a result of this they can have a better carer. After all they are the future!


Against: Well, if a child doesn’t see there family, they won’t have any social skills.

Judge: You have convinced me.

The End!


Debate script on children working in factories

AGAINST:            I think that we shouldn’t have children working in factories because they work 14 hours a day and they                                       do not get to see their family as a result of this a lot of the time at home will be spent sleeping or time for                                    reading.


FOR:                       I see what you mean although, the children can talk to the parents when they are at work.


AGAINST:              I don’t agree with you because the children work in different parts of the factories from adults and it                                             could break up childhood and love between the adults and children

FOR:                         The children could still speak to the adults when they all go home


AGAINST:               Wouldn’t they be tired after 14  full working hours a day what about their education? you are not                                                       teaching the poor kids anything about what to do further on in life


FOR:                          They will learn what they need to do via work ,they do not need to learn anything else because they                                                will be doing this  for the rest of their life until retirement


AGAINST:                They could get a job in another industry and they need skills to apply to that job when they are older                                              just 4 hours of learning given by a qualified teacher could get a child a better job in the future


FOR:                          How much would it cost? who would do it for us?


So can we find an easy way to add numbers that end in 9.

Can we come up with a rule?

Mummy addition

What could we do to make adding numbers ending in 8 or 7?

Adding and subtraction

Add like mad

Subtraction pyramid


Letter to Queen Vic


Story Map


Suzie if I could ask you a question it would be


What is  it like to climb mountains at such high altitude and what is it like meeting Chris Hadfield?

What is it like to apply whilst thousands of people have been narrowed down to 12 then gradualy down until it was 3 and you won?

What was your favorite challenge?

Would you rather be an explorer or be an astronaut?

Finally will you apply for the ESA elections if you do how would you feel if you where chosen?

My best sentence

Lola just smirked at me as if it was all a joke. This was my best sentence because since she is 5 years old she would think that it is all a joke and , I used a similiy

Effective Sentences for our stories

Mr O’Sullivan and Mrs Otto would like to share some of your fantastic writing from your story based on Cosmic.

Can you select the sentence you are most proud of and add it as a comment – copy it onto the blog and remember to explain why you are so pleased with it – what makes it great?


My new book

Hello i have just made my new book after half term you will be able to read it . The book is in chestnut 2 .   Hope you enjoy reading it as its going to be a whole load of books . Have a nice rest of half term and I would be seeing  you at school .

The looking glass girl

julia’s review of: The looking glass girl
Author: Cathy Cassidy
Genre: Non-Fiction

Alice gets stuck in wonder land but really shes in coma . Will Alice wake up from coma and heal the wounds. Find out in the book the looking glass girl. It will appeal to people that use there imagination really well. I liked when Alice got stuck in the basement. I did not like when Alice got pushed off the stairs by lainey (Elaine).

Addition & Subtraction activities

Addition 1 – blocks

Addition 2 – missing digits

Subtraction 2 – jigsaw

Subtraction 2 – superheroes

Just another day @ ORCS

Always something amazing happening when you look through doors at ORCS



Wise Moves Workshop on ORCS You Tube Channel


Mr O’Sullivan’s review of: The BFG
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

My book is about dreamers, and one very special dream collector. This dream collector is not like you or me… He’s a giant!

Roald Dahl’s fascinating tale, The BFG, takes us on a journey with 10 year old Sophie and the giant (who is very big and friendly) that she met one night in London. The unlikely duo travel across Giant land, break in to Buckingham Palace and much much more.

I think this book will appeal to children aged 9+ because the humour is quite subtle, and some younger children might find it a little bit too scary! You might too… If you knew what a giant’s favourite food is!

Harry Potter

Peter’s review of: Harry Potter
Author: JK Rowling
Genre: Fiction

It is a great book and really makes you want to read on it is just so great and the best bit is there is a series of them so you get to read the dramaticness again and again

Ripley’s believe it or not

julia’s review of: Ripley’s believe it or not
Author: Robert Ripley
Genre: Fiction

Its a good book if you like facts!! also I rate it 5 out of ten.

Mars Terrain

Mars terrain project

Murderous maths guaranteed to mash your mind

Danny’s review of: Murderous maths guaranteed to mash your mind
Author: Kjartan poskitt
Genre: Non-Fiction

This was the first book I read in the series, this urged me on to read all of the others and I think that it will make you read them too and you can get lots of help in your maths at school and know lots more about maths

Square Numbers Investigations

Write any you find in your maths book, then add them as a comment to this blog post – eg. 25 = 5×5


See if you can explain what you notice in comments.

Effective sentences and similes

Guy was a tall boy.

I took a simple sentence and extended it, then used a simile to finish it off!

With long legs and very big feet, Guy was a wiry boy. He was as tall as a giraffe.


Create a simple sentence and then improve  it using extended noun phrases. Then add  your simile if you can.  Mr L will add a clip art image later.








A puzzle using common multiples

See if you can work this one out – explain and justify your answer in comments.

Hotel Digital

Improving simple sentences

See if you can improve this sentence by adding what is asked for?

My donkey pulls the cart.

  1. Add ‘on’ at the beginning of the sentence.
  2. Add ‘on’ at the end of the sentence.
  3. Add in some alliteration
  4. Add a simile.
  5. Drop in a relative clause.
  6. Add an adverbial.
  7. Improve the sentence in your own style.


Diwali Is Coming!!!!! ( A Indian Festival About Lights )

Next Month It’s Diwali!!!!! Every Year Someone Plans A Diwali Party! But Sadly U Do Have To Pay For It…. But It’s Worth It!!! Next Month The Party Is Going To Be In London! Btw I Can Get My Friends From School To! So If U Want To Come And Have Some Fun…. Just Comment On My Post, I Will Look At It And Tell My Mom! So See U Guys Later, Goodbye!

Post From Khushi

Thank You!


BAFTAs here we come – Stop Motion Movie Making

In the last couple of days Chestnut 2 have been creating some amazing Stop Motion movies using video recording, teleprompters, a green screen and Ipad movie making software.

Here are some photos and stop actions of the movie sets they made. They are currently recording their reports in front of a green screen.




1/7/2008   I/VII/MM VIII

Maja’s roman numerals

XVI       XII     MMVIII

my date of birth in roman numerals

31.10.07        KOMAL










II V MM VII                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  February 5th 2008

about me in roman numrals





16/ 11/2007   VI/XI/MMVII

Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral Website

Just have a go at Level I, II, and III to start with

When you have had a go at the interactive games – write a comment to tell the others all about it and how it helped your learning!

Then if you think you are really smart try this Roman Numeral jigsaw puzzle

Can you write your date of birth as Roman Numerals?

Mine is    XV – IV – MCMLXXI        15 – 04 -1971

Can you tell when I was born? How old am I in Roman Numerals – remember all your answers must be as comments.



Autocue, teleprompter – both of these are names of the script that people use to read the words that they need read out.

We are going to have a go at creating our own ‘Chestnut 2TV’ news script for an autocue.

EasyPrompter – create your own Autocue 

Write your script in word then copy and paste it into EasyPrompter.


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