Adding and subtraction

Add like mad

Subtraction pyramid



  1. I chose 4 and 3 numbers to add up


    I used number bonds to 10.
    I also used 9 add whatever number E.G. to get 19 i would do 9+9+1.
    You can also just put in the number E.G to get 6 i would just click 6.

  3. The statagy I used was I searched down looking for the numbers I needed and if I cant find the numbers I needed in that section I would look over to the next section.

  4. My strategy for numbers over ten was using number bonds to 10 and the I would check how much numbers where left and add them on

    For numbers under ten I would try to find numbers that added together if not I would use three numbers.

  5. Add Like Mad

    I used my times tables to help me. E.g: If it was fifteen, I would do 5+5+5=15!

    I also used my number bonds to help and my adding skills!

  6. I play subtraction pyramid . I tried to finish but it was too hard.

    • Mr L

      November 17, 2017 at 10:33 am

      Have you persevered – maybe try again and try to come up with a strategy. I can’t do it YET! But I am not going to give up!

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