Debate Script: Children SHOULD work in factories or NOT?



Judge: Today we are here to judge whether Children  Should work in factories or ban children Slavery.

Judge: May the Against raise there first point!

Medical Problems 

Against: I believe that we should’t have child slavery because if this continues they will consequently lose legs and arms. If this happens all the time, Who will replace them?

For: Well, if this happens, we can just use bandages and alternatively plasters.

Against: However, What if you run out?

For: We will get more.

Against: What if they run out?

For: Well, they will just suffer….

Against: You Monsters! You were once a child! How did it feel for you to be in there?

Judge: Next Point!


For: They are learning to work! Making me money so they can learn that.

Against: I see you point although I think we should ban children slavery and make schools free, as a result of this they can have a better carer. After all they are the future!


Against: Well, if a child doesn’t see there family, they won’t have any social skills.

Judge: You have convinced me.

The End!


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  1. Miles, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, especially the part about the medical problems. What was the purpose of using modal verbs?

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