AGAINST:            I think that we shouldn’t have children working in factories because they work 14 hours a day and they                                       do not get to see their family as a result of this a lot of the time at home will be spent sleeping or time for                                    reading.


FOR:                       I see what you mean although, the children can talk to the parents when they are at work.


AGAINST:              I don’t agree with you because the children work in different parts of the factories from adults and it                                             could break up childhood and love between the adults and children

FOR:                         The children could still speak to the adults when they all go home


AGAINST:               Wouldn’t they be tired after 14  full working hours a day what about their education? you are not                                                       teaching the poor kids anything about what to do further on in life


FOR:                          They will learn what they need to do via work ,they do not need to learn anything else because they                                                will be doing this  for the rest of their life until retirement


AGAINST:                They could get a job in another industry and they need skills to apply to that job when they are older                                              just 4 hours of learning given by a qualified teacher could get a child a better job in the future


FOR:                          How much would it cost? who would do it for us?