against:I believe that children shouldn’t work in factories as a result of them loosing body parts in the machinery and dying. Children are our future generations so we should teach them and nurture them not abuse them and let them die in horrible factories.

for:I see what you mean but we could always just get someone to make sure the children don’t get hurt and they will still work in the factories.

against:That makes sense and it would be safer except what about their families they only get to see them on the most rare occasion but even then its only for a couple hours and the rest of the time their either sleeping or reading.

for:I get were your going with this alternatively they would get to see their families every day if they came to work at the factories .

against:you made a good point there but what if there was a baby in one of the families they wouldn’t be able to work would they. They would be left at home and probably hurt them selves witch is even worse than the child abuse in the factories.

for:you have made a good point  however they could put the baby somewhere it cant move or hurt itself in any way.