Against: I think we should get rid of children working in factories because they would never get there education,this causes children not being able to get an proper job when there not kids and they do not work in factories.

For: I see your point however they can still get education when there older and they do not work in factories.

Against: Another reason is that children hardly ever get to see there family.Therefore they might be hart broken and they  might miss there family a lot.

For: I see your point, alternatively they still get to see there family when they come back from the factories.

Against:I disagree with you because what if they go home  their parents might not be home ,although if they are at home their obviously going to be tired as a result of their hard work  they are going to want to go to sleep and if they are a sleep they cant see their parents if they are a sleep.

For: I do not except your point because they could spend a little bit of time with there family.

Against:My last reason is that children could get really badly injured, consequently they could fall down or hurt them self on the  sharp part of the metal.