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Debate should children work in factories?


Against: I think children shouldn’t work in factories consequential how are they going to get educated therefore they can’t learn hoe to raise a baby so how can they keep on giving children for factories.

For: I understand your opinion alternatively  they are learning about machines as a result  they should be getting educated how to use machines correctly.

Against: I see your point except  You were a child how did you feel working you can stop this and help all us children.

For: This world needs money ,so we need people to work although it might be cruel you would do it wouldn’t you? 


Against: How come you get to see you family? Why cant we unless  you give us time off although you care for your family can you care about us.

For: I can understand you however I see you dont get to see your family but don’t you want money because if you dont get it you will die as a result of starvation.

Against: They barely get to see there family and by the time they get home they won’t see there family.

For: But you need money surely you want money right?



Debate Script

against:   My opinion is that children bellow the age of  14 should not be working in factories therefore, there is a high possibility of them losing most of their body parts. Also if this happens who will be responsible?

for: I see your point of view , alternatively we won’t be responsible due to the fact that, they should know how  to take care of them self .

against: I admire your taste, consequently you do know it is against the law to do this unless, you have confirmed to court and as a result you may have to go in jail for 3 and a half years .


against:  Next, as well as hurting them your not giving them education! Are you insane? how can children do such a job without education. I mean you did didn’t you?

For: I get  were your going , however they are learning in the factory how to work except not how you normally would.



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