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How to make a Marmite Sandwich

Our bloggers are going to be brave and present their cooking show slot in the style of celebrities!



How to make a marmite snadwich

you will need:



2 breads

chopping board

knife (not too sharp)

Make sure your knife and chopping board are clean.

Place your chopping board on your table or work surface, make sure to make some room.

Then place your breads on the chopping board and open your butter.

After that scrape some of the butter of and spread it carefully on the bread and then do the same to the other bread.

Next clean the knife and then open the lid of the marmite. Scrape some of the marmite and spread it gently on the bread and then do the same to the other.

if you want to cut it then get a sharper knife and the n carefully and gently cut the bread.

Then sit down, relax and enjoy.


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