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Improving simple sentences

See if you can improve this sentence by adding what is asked for?

My donkey pulls the cart.

  1. Add ‘on’ at the beginning of the sentence.
  2. Add ‘on’ at the end of the sentence.
  3. Add in some alliteration
  4. Add a simile.
  5. Drop in a relative clause.
  6. Add an adverbial.
  7. Improve the sentence in your own style.


Diwali Is Coming!!!!! ( A Indian Festival About Lights )

Next Month It’s Diwali!!!!! Every Year Someone Plans A Diwali Party! But Sadly U Do Have To Pay For It…. But It’s Worth It!!! Next Month The Party Is Going To Be In London! Btw I Can Get My Friends From School To! So If U Want To Come And Have Some Fun…. Just Comment On My Post, I Will Look At It And Tell My Mom! So See U Guys Later, Goodbye!

Post From Khushi

Thank You!


my date of birth in roman numerals

31.10.07        KOMAL










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