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So can we find an easy way to add numbers that end in 9.

Can we come up with a rule?

Mummy addition

What could we do to make adding numbers ending in 8 or 7?

Adding and subtraction

Add like mad

Subtraction pyramid


Addition & Subtraction activities

Addition 1 – blocks

Addition 2 – missing digits

Subtraction 2 – jigsaw

Subtraction 2 – superheroes

Square Numbers Investigations

Write any you find in your maths book, then add them as a comment to this blog post – eg. 25 = 5×5


See if you can explain what you notice in comments.

A puzzle using common multiples

See if you can work this one out – explain and justify your answer in comments.

Hotel Digital

Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral Website

Just have a go at Level I, II, and III to start with

When you have had a go at the interactive games – write a comment to tell the others all about it and how it helped your learning!

Then if you think you are really smart try this Roman Numeral jigsaw puzzle

Can you write your date of birth as Roman Numerals?

Mine is    XV – IV – MCMLXXI        15 – 04 -1971

Can you tell when I was born? How old am I in Roman Numerals – remember all your answers must be as comments.


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