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Debate should children work in factories?


Against: I think children shouldn’t work in factories consequential how are they going to get educated therefore they can’t learn hoe to raise a baby so how can they keep on giving children for factories.

For: I understand your opinion alternatively  they are learning about machines as a result  they should be getting educated how to use machines correctly.

Against: I see your point except  You were a child how did you feel working you can stop this and help all us children.

For: This world needs money ,so we need people to work although it might be cruel you would do it wouldn’t you? 


Against: How come you get to see you family? Why cant we unless  you give us time off although you care for your family can you care about us.

For: I can understand you however I see you dont get to see your family but don’t you want money because if you dont get it you will die as a result of starvation.

Against: They barely get to see there family and by the time they get home they won’t see there family.

For: But you need money surely you want money right?



Debate script on children working in factories

Against: I think we should get rid of children working in factories because they would never get there education,this causes children not being able to get an proper job when there not kids and they do not work in factories.

For: I see your point however they can still get education when there older and they do not work in factories.

Against: Another reason is that children hardly ever get to see there family.Therefore they might be hart broken and they  might miss there family a lot.

For: I see your point, alternatively they still get to see there family when they come back from the factories.

Against:I disagree with you because what if they go home  their parents might not be home ,although if they are at home their obviously going to be tired as a result of their hard work  they are going to want to go to sleep and if they are a sleep they cant see their parents if they are a sleep.

For: I do not except your point because they could spend a little bit of time with there family.

Against:My last reason is that children could get really badly injured, consequently they could fall down or hurt them self on the  sharp part of the metal.

Debate Script

against:   My opinion is that children bellow the age of  14 should not be working in factories therefore, there is a high possibility of them losing most of their body parts. Also if this happens who will be responsible?

for: I see your point of view , alternatively we won’t be responsible due to the fact that, they should know how  to take care of them self .

against: I admire your taste, consequently you do know it is against the law to do this unless, you have confirmed to court and as a result you may have to go in jail for 3 and a half years .


against:  Next, as well as hurting them your not giving them education! Are you insane? how can children do such a job without education. I mean you did didn’t you?

For: I get  were your going , however they are learning in the factory how to work except not how you normally would.



Debate script

against:I believe that children shouldn’t work in factories as a result of them loosing body parts in the machinery and dying. Children are our future generations so we should teach them and nurture them not abuse them and let them die in horrible factories.

for:I see what you mean but we could always just get someone to make sure the children don’t get hurt and they will still work in the factories.

against:That makes sense and it would be safer except what about their families they only get to see them on the most rare occasion but even then its only for a couple hours and the rest of the time their either sleeping or reading.

for:I get were your going with this alternatively they would get to see their families every day if they came to work at the factories .

against:you made a good point there but what if there was a baby in one of the families they wouldn’t be able to work would they. They would be left at home and probably hurt them selves witch is even worse than the child abuse in the factories.

for:you have made a good point  however they could put the baby somewhere it cant move or hurt itself in any way.

Debate script on children working in factories

AGAINST:            I think that we shouldn’t have children working in factories because they work 14 hours a day and they                                       do not get to see their family as a result of this a lot of the time at home will be spent sleeping or time for                                    reading.


FOR:                       I see what you mean although, the children can talk to the parents when they are at work.


AGAINST:              I don’t agree with you because the children work in different parts of the factories from adults and it                                             could break up childhood and love between the adults and children

FOR:                         The children could still speak to the adults when they all go home


AGAINST:               Wouldn’t they be tired after 14  full working hours a day what about their education? you are not                                                       teaching the poor kids anything about what to do further on in life


FOR:                          They will learn what they need to do via work ,they do not need to learn anything else because they                                                will be doing this  for the rest of their life until retirement


AGAINST:                They could get a job in another industry and they need skills to apply to that job when they are older                                              just 4 hours of learning given by a qualified teacher could get a child a better job in the future


FOR:                          How much would it cost? who would do it for us?

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